Saturday, 13 March 2010

tour blog numero uno!

So we've been on tour for 5 days so far and to say that this tour has been the most mental experience of my life would be an understatement! I've really been buzzing from playing the new songs live. I'll start with Birmingham, the first day, our manager is from Brum, so we always feel like we need to pull out the stops here! The first show of any tour is always a tad shakey, but it went well, kinda painlessly for us! We had some friends out with us so we contemplated going to a bar, but alas, we didn't. As a side note, i also watched a bit of the Arsenal game, come on you gunners!
I told myself i wouldn't drink on this tour because of all my health problems at the moment.....hmmm.

Newport was quite eventful as well. Show ruled and then we were making our way to a club when my friend's car broke down, needless to say we pushed it for like 500 yards before we admitted defeat, at least we tried, right?

Sheffield, the big one! Dan, Max and i went to the drop dead warehouse during the afternoon to hang out. Played some fifa, lost at some fifa, i know, un-heard of right? Dan stepped his shit up! Shef was a big one because we had a massive guest list and had to go to dj at some club after. This is where my plan to not drink went to poop. Oh well, i had an amazing time, i grinded, i crowd surfed and boogied, all on my friends, they weren't best pleased.

Manchester, the Apollo, biggest headline show of our bands career. 3,400 people. I can't really put this night into words. It was a strange day for us and i can't begin to express my gratitude towards all of you who come to our shows, it seriously means the world. Thank you.

More soon guys, and more interesting.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

'Spoken Word Pack'

Hey guys!

Hope you're all good!

Just wanted to say a big thankyou for all your orders during our Haiti appeal, we raised something like £500 (i'll get back to you with an exact figure, ha) ; we really couldn't have done it without you so thanks so much!

As i'm sure you've noticed by now we launched our new 'Spoken Word pack' yesterday, the response so far has been really positive so good vibes! The idea behind these shirts was to really get a message across and to feel like you're wearing a tee that really makes a statement.

Anyways I look forward to seeing you all on tour over the next week or so! In the mean time keep your fingers crossed for Arsenal against Porto tonight!

One love

Josh x