Monday, 28 June 2010


June 21st

Fresno. Fresno fresno fresno. When will you learn? Crystal meth is not a joke, or cool. Haha, on a serious note, why was there no food places around the venue? There were a bunch of gang members outside out bus all night too. It was cool seeing and playing with BMTH and Your Demise, but thats about it. Got it, got out. Badda bing badda boom.

June 22nd

We arrived in Bakersfield super early so i thought i'd check out the town. That took about 20 minutes. We played the basement of Jerry's a pizza restaurant.

We hadn't played a basement show in years, so i was stoked. The show itself was actually ok, I started a circle pit myself, pitted, by myself, and left with a injury, by, myself!

I finally met Vigil from The Ghost Inside, been a massive fan of that band ever since our friend Nate showed us them on the AP tour we did. We left early as we wanted to go to Vegas. Jerry's, your pizza is awesome, but it messed with my bowels.

June 23rd

I woke up in Vegas with a smile on my face. We watched the England game on our bus, it's cool that we won, but i didn't feel to optimistic at the prospect of facing ZE GERMANS! Eventually stumbled across some food, it wasn't great.

We played a skate park for the first ever time!! It was a pretty cool idea to be quite honest! The whole idea behind the show was to celebrate Alternative Press's 25th anniversary bash, a British Invasion kinda thing. Bmth, Shikari, us and Demise.

The show its self was pretty sweet, Vigil ( The ghost inside) came on stage and sang THE CONSEQUENCE with us, it was tight.

After we played the main issue was ID. For those of you un-aware, in America, you have to be 21 years of age to buy/sell/drink/have fun.

I wanted to go to the after show at the ' HARDROCK ' so naturally, we figured something out. I used our TM's ID, he's 24 and his glasses....silly Americans. AP very graciously hooked up all the bands with a shit ton of alcohol, and us brits were more than happy to oblige. OHHHHHHH i forgot to mention, they paid for us all to travel from the venue in Limos. Read and see what happened in Kerrang magazine in a few weeks. Anyway, back to Vegas. I don't remember much, there was a lot of 'Dad dancing' going on. I think i must've told the Your Demise boys that they were the shit a billion times. It was a total vibe fest. The party then finished, and Norm (from AP) and i hit some tables. Again, the ID worked...silly Americans.

Didn't win, didn't lose, didn't really care. Vegas, i love you, see you soon!

June 24th

Pre prodcution day for Warped tour. A day for which a person like me, does nothing, and i mean nothing!!! Everyone else was running around like headless chickens and i just played Fifa.

For those of you don't know me that well, i'm all about the fifa!!

Chewbear and Max devised our very own wall of shame, called..dun dun dun.. THE MURK BOARD. Very simple, if you beat someone at Fifa by 5-0 or more, then go on the MB. However, saying i was to be beating Max 8-0, but he scored to make it 8-1, he would then not go on the MB. You can only be present on the MB if you have been well and truly thrashed and not responded with one measly little goal.

I am here to say, for the record, i am NOT on the MB, i have however, put Max, Henri, Joe SYG, Chris v (wtk merch) and Booley on the MB. I beat Joe so badly, he left the bus. 11-0. NO BIG DEAL.

I went for a run in the evening with my boy Jake (mayday parade) and his girlfriend. Ate some fish Tacos and then caught up with all our friends from the tour.

I have the distinct feeling this summer may be one of the best summers of my life. We're surrounded by some of our best friends, good music, good weather and good times. Gonna be a good one!!!

June 25th

Warped tour officially starts in Carson, California.

I can't remember exactly, but i think we played at 2:50 pm. Our stage is awesome, and although people working it are working their arses off and seem like cool dudes. Our set was insane, we must've played in front of about 1500 people, which we were never expecting to do in our wildest dreams, so thank you Carson, it was amazing. I then sang on stage with BMTH on the main stage later on, which was quite an experience, so thank you boys!

First day on warped over. Again, Jake and i went for a run, which was a bad idea for my shins, but fuck it.


In the next blog i'll delve more into the Warped tour itself. I'll try and give you a real idea of what this tour is about. I'll also blog about the first infamous warped tour bbq party in Mountain View California, us taking part in a Bowling competition, and my thoughts on England and ze Germans.

hope you're all well!!!


Friday, 25 June 2010


June 17th

We flew out to America on this day, landed at LAX and the first thing we did was hit IN n OUT Burger, shit, that stuff is good!

Early night because we were all exhausted.

June 18th

Kinda gutted i wasn't at home for this day, as it was my Dad's birthday, but on the flipside, we shooted a video with a man called Frank Borin, who did the REAL SLIM SHADY VIDEO!! NOBIGDEAL!

I think it's going to look epic. We also watched the England/Algeria game, no comment, but we were all thinking the same thing, right?

June 19th

We had a day off in LA, and i loooovveeeee LA! Our friend Lauren drove Max and i around for little while and we hit up Melrose and got some cool swag for warped, but all of this means nothing, because on this fine night, we saw.....dun dun dun....IRON FUCKING MAIDEN!!!

Our manager was like, "ahh lets just get a van", which we were all down with, but then someone brilliantly suggested getting a limo with a free bar. Which option do you think we chose? IT WAS IRON FUCKING MAIDEN, we had to hit it with style!!!

So off we went.

I really can't remember much..there was a free bar remember, but what do i recall is the journey home. I vaguely remember people applauding when we left IN AND OUT BURGER because of all the noise we were making whilst waiting for our food.

Another day, another struggle. Thug life.

June 20th

This day is boring, we pick up our bus, got walmart, buy an xbox, play a shit ton of fifa. The end.

p.s A crackhead in Fresno called Dan a son of a bitch. That was cool.


Friday, 18 June 2010


Hey guys!! Hope you're all well!!

As you can see on the site, our new designs are now for sale. I'm so stoked on this new range and I hope you really like it too. I'm in LA right now, getting ready for the start of Warped Tour which I literally can't wait for; it's gonna be biblical! I'll be doing a blog on here with pics to keep you updated with whats going on on Warped so keep checking back for all the...gossip?!?

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone that has supported the DBNO brand so far, it means the world to me and everyone involved that you guys show us so much love so thank youuuuuuuuuuuu.

Peace!! Josh xx