Thursday, 21 April 2011


Hey Everyone,

Before i start covering the usual bases of LA Living from my perspective, i want to quickly divulge on to quite a serious subject for me.

If you haven't heard by now then i' ll let you know, the Blink 182 summer UK tour that was taking place this July has been moved to July 2012. Now, in another life time we'd also be able to commit to a tour 14 months down the line, but unfortunately we cannot. We already have our own UK headline tours in place and potential huge festival slots for us, which prevent us from doing it. On a personal note, the word gutted doesn't seem to truly cover the way i feel about not being able to tour with Blink, especially after we were so close to doing so, but one thing it has made me realise is this, our band over the past 5 years has seen and done so much. The fact we're half way around the world recording our third album with a complete legend of a producer is a testament not only to us, but how far our fans have taken us and allowed us to grow. I say it a lot, and i don't want it to end up sounding redundant, but time after time i am made to realise that without our fans, our sixers, our FRIENDS, thats right, YOU GUYS, we are sweet FA. Even just through twitter you guys have been so supportive over this Blink situation when you could have easily been pissed at us and the situation, instead it seems you're main concern is how disappointed we must be not being able to live out this life long dream of ours. So in my own little way this is me saying thank you. All i hope is that our band continues to grow and is here in years to come and you're all still there with us.

With that out of that way......


I've lost track of the days, i can only recall poignant things that stand out, so let's begin.

On Friday the 15th of April we finished tracking the bulk of the music on our album.

We lol'd

It's not just a matter of all the extra guitar lines, beefing up the sound a little bit, hand claps, snaps, gang vocals, miscellaneous guitars and all of Dans additional percussion's.

On Thursday the 14th we went to Warner brothers studios and did a tour. Some of us have girlfriends out at the moment, so it was definitely a fun day out!! We decided to give Dan the nick name 'the 7th wheel', any ladies out there wanna change his fate?

We had the funniest little tour guide who showed us a bunch of pretty eye opening shit! Do you guys wanna hear an interesting story? That, of course was a rhetorical question...

When they were filming the first ever episode of Friends, one of the producers called out and said 'Does anyone know how to work this expresso machine?' Only one man in that room did, turned out to be Gunther who raised his hand, and because of that he ended up having a part in a 10 series US hit TV show and probably made an absolute mint!!!


I went on a little trip into Hollywood with my girlfriend, we walked a long the chinese theatre ( see pictures below ) and then went to ' The Wax House' which was so much fun and then crossed the street to 'The Guiness World Museum' which was a real insight to the madness that is our world.


A bunch of people came down from our label UK & USA to hear some of our new songs, and then in the evening a few of us went to the El Rey theatre to see Plan B. It was a pretty mind blowing show, the guy's got a serious talent. For his encore he did a few mo-town covers with his beat boxing pal dropping some dubstep beats over the top, take my word for it, AMAZING.

Until next time....stay classy.

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Hey guys!

Hope you're all doing good!

Head over to to check out some new tee's we've got on sale for you now, there's a few new reduced items in the sales section too.

I had an awesome time chatting to you guys on ustream the other night, definitely gonna try to do that again as soon as possible; I wanna hear what you think of the new DBNO stuff.

Oh and here's some shit I found funny this week...

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


First of all, this shits funny...

This week was really eventful.

A bunch of friends passed through town.

On monday night we went and saw Steel Panther at their residency at the House Of Blues, they are by far the most entertaining and funny band on this planet...see for yourself....

On Wednesday our boys in BMTH and ADTR were in town, we checked out the show at the Palladium and it was a good vibbbeeee. Below is a video of Oli from BMTH coming into the studio and lending us his vocal help.

Check out this video below of me performing with Bmth during their set @ the Palladium

And other than this we've been locked up in the studio.

Oh wait, i am lying i went and saw this...

YOUR HIGNESS staring Natalie Portmans behind..

What a vibe.

Until next time, stay classy

Monday, 4 April 2011


Matt finished his bass parts, we LOL'd

Time for vegas.

Our hotel

We made a friend

I made even more friends than the boys

Went and saw David Copperfield (some illusionist dude) was a bit of a mind fuck, i asked him to wear a condom, so i should be good.

We then went and saw a live Medieval themed night at Excalibur hotel, where there was a thing called 'Tournament of Kings'. People jousted, a town crier cried, people danced and us 5 mostly got rowdy and started chants that included a bunch of profanities!


Wednesday, 30 March 2011


What a night! So I'm still totally out of my mind stuffed from eating too many
smores last night, big thanks to Jim Sylvia for cooking up a storm. Also check out
DBNO brother Steve Foy walking over super hot firey coals bare foot for charity!!!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011



Monday 21st March

Can't remember much from the studio but i remember we went to an Irish pub across the street from us to continue Matty B's bday celebration vibes.

Tuesday 22nd

After the studio we went out to Angels and Kings, a bar that Pete Wentz owns.

AND THEN....i came home to a party going on next door, Kept me up for hours, NO GOOD!

Wednesday 23rd

Hit the gym for some workout vibes and then went for a mass food shop over at Trader Joe's.

Then watched a load of funny youtube videos like these:

'I've got to go out, this is ridiculous'

Told ya! Penguins are cool too

'Who's the penguin? I'm the nuts mate.'

Thursday 24th March

I spent all of Thursday looking mostly like a crying baby thanks to the new Katy Perry perfume ad...

Katy I think I love you

Watching Spain play football later cheered me up a lot though, they are literally A-mazing.

After that I went to the movies to see Limitless with Matt, Dan, Jim and Sally! I need to get myself some of these pills.

Friday 25th March

My day was pretty uneventful until i went to the cinema with some friends to see Sucker punch.

We couldn't keep our shit together during this movie because it was so mental.

Suckerpunch was a mixture of the following movies...Annie, Moulin Rouge, I-robot, Lord of the rings, Saving private Ryan, Some chinese temple stuff.

I'm gonna straight up say that i think the blonde chick, who has the whole Moon child thing going on, is super super super hot.

Saturday 26th March

Dan finished his drums which made us all...

Sunday 27th March

Day off so we all hit Melrose and did some shopping.

We stopped in and made friends at Johnny Cupcakes! Thanks for having us and for the discount! You guys rule!

Johnny just opened up his first store in the UK in London, go check that out if you haven't already!

We then went to a Taco party!! What a vibe!!

That's all, till next time, stay classy

Monday, 21 March 2011



We flew into LAX on the 17th of March from Heathrow to start recording the follow up to Hold Me Down. Come back regularly for updates. This update number 1!!


Firstly, the leg room on Virgin atlantic transatlantic flights suck, period.

What doesn't suck are the movies that i watched on the plane.

The Other Guys

Jackass 3D

Harry Potter and The Death Hallows

Once landed we headed over to our apartments to get settled in. I am rooming with Max and our apartment is sooooo legit. We have an amazing view from our balcony of the infamous HOLLYWOOD sign and of downtown LA somewhere in the distance.

First things first, we went and got ourselves a Chipotle!!! YUPPPPP


We've got a pretty sweet gym where we're living for the next two months, and i am planning on making the most of it. Starting as i mean to go on, i hit the gym in the morning but then back tracked later when i got one of these bad boys....

Max and I couldn't help ourselves, so we went and picked up an XBOX 360 for our apartment..along with everyones best friend...FIFA SOCCER 11!!


Chris and i went and did a bit of this in the morning...

We went out for meal for Matt's bday weekend celebrations and then hit the bars.

Everyone looked a little like this, except for me as i stuck to the h20!

It was a good night (not us in picture, just funny as hell)

Came back to the apartments and just watched funny youtube vids like this...


Jake from Mayday Parade came over and we all went to see LA GALAXY!!

It was horrible weather but despite that it was such a good laugh. We kept starting England chants because we're ignorant and young, and i repeatedly sang Arsenal songs at the Galaxy fans for the same reasons!! Here are some pics!!

Till next time...stay classy