Tuesday, 29 March 2011



Monday 21st March

Can't remember much from the studio but i remember we went to an Irish pub across the street from us to continue Matty B's bday celebration vibes.

Tuesday 22nd

After the studio we went out to Angels and Kings, a bar that Pete Wentz owns.

AND THEN....i came home to a party going on next door, Kept me up for hours, NO GOOD!

Wednesday 23rd

Hit the gym for some workout vibes and then went for a mass food shop over at Trader Joe's.

Then watched a load of funny youtube videos like these:

'I've got to go out, this is ridiculous'

Told ya! Penguins are cool too

'Who's the penguin? I'm the nuts mate.'

Thursday 24th March

I spent all of Thursday looking mostly like a crying baby thanks to the new Katy Perry perfume ad...

Katy I think I love you

Watching Spain play football later cheered me up a lot though, they are literally A-mazing.

After that I went to the movies to see Limitless with Matt, Dan, Jim and Sally! I need to get myself some of these pills.

Friday 25th March

My day was pretty uneventful until i went to the cinema with some friends to see Sucker punch.

We couldn't keep our shit together during this movie because it was so mental.

Suckerpunch was a mixture of the following movies...Annie, Moulin Rouge, I-robot, Lord of the rings, Saving private Ryan, Some chinese temple stuff.

I'm gonna straight up say that i think the blonde chick, who has the whole Moon child thing going on, is super super super hot.

Saturday 26th March

Dan finished his drums which made us all...

Sunday 27th March

Day off so we all hit Melrose and did some shopping.

We stopped in and made friends at Johnny Cupcakes! Thanks for having us and for the discount! You guys rule!

Johnny just opened up his first store in the UK in London, go check that out if you haven't already!

We then went to a Taco party!! What a vibe!!

That's all, till next time, stay classy