Monday, 21 March 2011



We flew into LAX on the 17th of March from Heathrow to start recording the follow up to Hold Me Down. Come back regularly for updates. This update number 1!!


Firstly, the leg room on Virgin atlantic transatlantic flights suck, period.

What doesn't suck are the movies that i watched on the plane.

The Other Guys

Jackass 3D

Harry Potter and The Death Hallows

Once landed we headed over to our apartments to get settled in. I am rooming with Max and our apartment is sooooo legit. We have an amazing view from our balcony of the infamous HOLLYWOOD sign and of downtown LA somewhere in the distance.

First things first, we went and got ourselves a Chipotle!!! YUPPPPP


We've got a pretty sweet gym where we're living for the next two months, and i am planning on making the most of it. Starting as i mean to go on, i hit the gym in the morning but then back tracked later when i got one of these bad boys....

Max and I couldn't help ourselves, so we went and picked up an XBOX 360 for our apartment..along with everyones best friend...FIFA SOCCER 11!!


Chris and i went and did a bit of this in the morning...

We went out for meal for Matt's bday weekend celebrations and then hit the bars.

Everyone looked a little like this, except for me as i stuck to the h20!

It was a good night (not us in picture, just funny as hell)

Came back to the apartments and just watched funny youtube vids like this...


Jake from Mayday Parade came over and we all went to see LA GALAXY!!

It was horrible weather but despite that it was such a good laugh. We kept starting England chants because we're ignorant and young, and i repeatedly sang Arsenal songs at the Galaxy fans for the same reasons!! Here are some pics!!

Till next time...stay classy