Wednesday, 30 December 2009


I wanted to draw a line under 2009 and with a blog.

Hope you guys like it!

I wanted to post what 2009 brought my way and what i learnt, and in turn, i am interested to see what you guys all experienced and what you learnt from those experiences.

In the past year i've toured all over the place, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, America, Canada and of course the UK & Ireland.

We played some of the biggest festivals of our lives, Rock am Ring, Rock im Park, T in the Park, Oxygen Festival, Download Festival and of course Reading & Leeds fest!

We did multiple headline tours of the UK and Europe. Took part in a childhood dream when we embarked on the Vans Warped Tour in the summer, we then carried ourselves around America and Canada for two months on the Alternative Press tour, had a week off, and then travelled round mainland Europe and the UK hitting up arenas where ever we went with Paramore.

We were nominated for multiple awards including Best British Band at the Kerrang Awards. We signed to a new label, got new management, surrounded ourselves with a whole new team all in aid of making the most of the upcoming year.

It's safe to say i've had an amazing time.

I've learnt a lot, that despite all the wannabe 'rock stars', hanger on's and general arseholes i've met in the last 12 months, thanks to what i do, i've met some seriously amazing people who still do what we do for one reason and one reason only, for the love of music.

Definitely restored my love for music, so thank you to 'the good ones', you know who you are!

What can i expect in 2010? I am lucky enough to be part of a band who are going to tour Australia, Japan, all over Europe ( again ), do the whole of the Warped tour and hopefully hit up some more festival appearances all over.

So when i look at the new year, and when i look back at the year i've had, i thank god, whoever and whatever it may be, there must be something out there giving me and my friends a hand, right? 

Sure i could list all the band shit thats happened this year too...but what's the point? Whatever bad things have happened, have happened. They are done, i can't alter the fact they have happened, just have to accept they have, and hope I can make things better and prevent similar stuff happening again!

New years resolutions? Sure i've got some...

- Listen more. Countless arguments i ve been involved could have been prevented with a bit of patience and a whole lot less of me speaking. I am not always right, so i should bare that in mind, from now on.

- Fuck the haters. I spend more time reading and responding to negative people online, or in person, rather than show time and love towards you guys, the people support our band, or even my own family, and friends. So that ends now, you don't like our band, that's cool. I am only interested people that do, and that do care. 

- For our band to better 2009....always gotta aim high or you'll hit low.

- and read more...yeah right!

Below are some pictures of my year, twitter at me your new years resolutions on New Years Day! - Josh

Saturday, 26 December 2009


Hey guys,

Hope everyone had a great christmas and unwrapped some DBNO tee's and hoodies!! 

Happy xmas from everyone at DBNO!!


Friday, 18 December 2009


Hey guys!

So there's only 1 day left of DBNO xmas week; it's been so much fun hooking you guys up with presents; we've given away free tee's and i've been lucky enough to speak to some of you over the phone which was rad! All you have to do is order a logo t-shirt or a santa logo t-shirt and you're in with a chance of winning. 24 hours left guys lets do itttt!! 

See you guys that are coming to Wembley tonight! Super excited!!

Josh x

Monday, 14 December 2009



Firstly, let me begin by saying that i apologise for the lack of blogs.
To wrap up Europe, Paris and Tilburg were great shows for our band.
A highlight in particular was the whole tour visiting the Eiffel Tower, which in all honesty i tried to photograph but it came out shockingly bad!!

Moving onto the UK dates!!

Glasgow, first of all it's absolutely amazing to be back in the UK!! We obviously love touring this country and have missed it so much!
I woke up around 10:30 ish and had my haircut, which was way overdue!!
Had some food, and then Chris, Max & I went and did an acoustic session over at Rock Radio! 
We did Kiss & Tell and Finders Keepers which was a lot of fun!!
Headed back to the venue and did some press.

Played the show, which BLEW MY MIND!!!

Hung over with my friend Calum from Flood Of Red!! (

Then all of the boys and some of the other guys on the door hit this club!!

Was amazing!!!


Hey All!!

Hope you're having a good xmas so far!! I'm getting pretty excited about it myself!!

So I thought everyone deserved a present from DBNO this xmas; so every 10th customer that picks up a logo character or santa t-shirt this week is gonna receive a v.special present from me; it could be anything...a free t-shirt...a phone call from me...who knows what santa has in store!!

We're only gonna do this for this week so get on ittttt!!

one love

Josh x

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Day 6, 7 & 8

Hamburg show day. Very little to report to be honest until the show itself. We got confirmed for some Soundwave side shows which we are STOKED about and then the rest of the day was focused on the show. We've never really done that well in Germany so we're excited to be here on a big tour; perhaps things can change....keep dreaming JOSH!!

First song in and the P.A. blows up. We're on in-ears so we didn't know so we keep playing like mugs, i eventually figure it out and we have to leave the stage...15 minutes later and we're back on and the crowd were so amazing about it all; we just had a laugh about it!

I then went back to the bus and watched THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, oh Elisha Cuthbert, my love for you is undying!!

Not much to report from the show in Berlin besides ANOTHER power cut which equals ANOTHER upset Yoshy!! I wasn't a happy bunny, but it couldn't be helped. We managed to fix the problem super quick this time though! sweet! 
Jeremy then gave me the back catalogue of Eminem; i was pretty chuffed with that! I got a massage from DR. DOT, she was amazing, although she informed me that i have a lot of problems with my back...thanks love....oh and that my pelvis is unaligned....i look forward to a phone call from my Mum when she reads this!!
I then watched WHITE CHICKS on the bus.....ah man, that film blows my mind.

We had a day off in Cologne today....woke up late....went to a German xmas market and saw a lama which pranged out when i tried to make love to it!! I then went to see my friends in Set Your Goals, Fireworks and Broadway Calls. Enough said!

Oh and i just watched TAKEN; what an amazing movie!!

Josh xx

Friday, 4 December 2009

Day 5

Hamburg- Day off! I genuinely can't remember what time i woke up, but i remember waking up and freaking out because there was no-one on the bus, so i just went back to bed!! hahaha. So lazy!! Eventually i bumped into some of the dudes and we hit up KFC, it was a reminder of why i hate fast food, ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!! I only ate half of it and threw the rest away. Spent most of the day on the bus sitting around moaning because of how bored i was, so then a few of us headed over to the venue our boys in Set Your Goals were playing. I have a lot of love for those guys, so it was really sweet to see them. Matt, Dan and I then sat in a bar next to the venue for a few hours talking about life; very intense! hahaha! Met up with some friends of ours and then went into the show. First up we watched a band i've liked for a while called FIREWORKS, my mate Vibe showed me these guys and i really like them! Made me feel like a 15 year old watching them again; they're what pop punk is all about. Amazing!

Broadway Calls were next up; they're good friends of Max's and were awesome; really liked them as guys and as a band! Then our boys in Set Your Goals came on and a few of us got a little excited...Max was crowd surfing; Dan and i were pitting! it was nuts! I did 'Our Ethos A Legacy To Pass On' with them on stage and Hayley did 'The Few That Remain'; it was awesome. Was one of the fun-nest shows i had been to as a punter for absolutely years, such a hangout vibe.

A few of the guys from Paramore, Now Now Every Children and obviously YMA6 then hit up a Burger King....don't ask! Then the antics began...we were literally having a quiet sing song at like 12 with a few acoustics and our bus driver turned off all the power on the bus, complaining that we'd woken him up. He then continued to threaten to drive the bus back to England and leave us stranded in Hamburg as a punishment....Bobby put him straight. We literally hung out a bit longer and then all ended up passing out. Awesome.  Big props to Olly for hooking up some pics for the blog today; check his deal out at

Much love

Josh x

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Day 3 and 4

We made our way over to the airport to fly to Stockholm where we'd be picking up our bus and more importantly our suitcases!!! Yay!! See Day 2's post for a picture of us and the bus!!

Just like with Finland, this was our first ever time playing a show in Sweden, and the crowd completely blew my mind, it was awesome! I am really finding that this tour is full of great people and such great bands!! Having a blast.

Woke up the next day in yet another country, freezing my little face off!!! Really not feeling great at the moment, which sucks!! But i am trying my best just to get on with it. I slept like a champ, got up at 4pm, felt really guilty but amazing at the same time.

Other than the show itself, the most exciting thing that happened today was that i swapped hats with Hayley. Thats how rockstar our bands are!! Hang on...i'm lying....we had a huge rap session; we listened to Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg and stuff and then all of the bands starting rapping...appallingly; but rapping all the same!!

Above are pictures of the catering area and me on stage during soundcheck!!

Until next time, love to you all.

P.S. Harry Brown is an awesome movie!

Day 2

We played the first show today. I didn't get up and out of my hotel room till about 3pm. by then it was already dark; no goos. Then i sat around the ice hockey arena in which we were playing for a few hours doing nothing.
Met up with the Paramore dudes, i was so psyched to see them all so it was pretty nuts! Ate catering, soundchecked...blah blah. Very boring stuff. I then watched Now Now Every Children and Paper Route, both awesome bands and then i continued warm ups for our show.
The first show was amazing for us although i lost my voice which was a complete bummer, but i am working on getting it back though. We then headed back to the hotel and attempted to sleep...FAIL!!!

Josh x

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Day One - Paramore Tour

My Dad dropped me off at Max's house where i met up with all the lads and off we went to the Heathrow. Checked in, did all the boring protocol stuff, but then things did get interesting. Half of our guys hadn't got through security yet and we had 5 mins till i flight closed, and of course our gate was gate 34, a 5 minute walk away. Myself, Dan, Matt and Max all ran and managed to get our gate just as they were closing it. The lady behind the desk tried to have a go at me, i told her to leave it, politely, as there were more pressing matters. The flight was now closing and we still had half of our group on the way. Anyway, breathless and sweaty the arrived just in time and we managed to get onto the flight.

We arrived in Helsinki at 3pm but it was pretty much pitch black, strange, really strange. We were suprised to be greeted at the airport by some people who were going to see us the next day at the show. They drew this amazing sketch of us from years ago, it was kinda of creepy, the style of drawing anyway. Hard to describe, i need to take a picture to be honest!! That was pretty amazing. P.s those chocolates were nuts as well!!

Got to our hotel and then we just chilled for a few hours. My roomy always seems to be Max, which is fine, as he's awesome.We all then went out and had a mexican restaurant at a place called COLARADO, it was mentalllllllll! Walked back and then some of us went out to play a few games of pool and the rest passed out on their respective beds. xxx