Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Day One - Paramore Tour

My Dad dropped me off at Max's house where i met up with all the lads and off we went to the Heathrow. Checked in, did all the boring protocol stuff, but then things did get interesting. Half of our guys hadn't got through security yet and we had 5 mins till i flight closed, and of course our gate was gate 34, a 5 minute walk away. Myself, Dan, Matt and Max all ran and managed to get our gate just as they were closing it. The lady behind the desk tried to have a go at me, i told her to leave it, politely, as there were more pressing matters. The flight was now closing and we still had half of our group on the way. Anyway, breathless and sweaty the arrived just in time and we managed to get onto the flight.

We arrived in Helsinki at 3pm but it was pretty much pitch black, strange, really strange. We were suprised to be greeted at the airport by some people who were going to see us the next day at the show. They drew this amazing sketch of us from years ago, it was kinda of creepy, the style of drawing anyway. Hard to describe, i need to take a picture to be honest!! That was pretty amazing. P.s those chocolates were nuts as well!!

Got to our hotel and then we just chilled for a few hours. My roomy always seems to be Max, which is fine, as he's awesome.We all then went out and had a mexican restaurant at a place called COLARADO, it was mentalllllllll! Walked back and then some of us went out to play a few games of pool and the rest passed out on their respective beds. xxx