Friday, 4 December 2009

Day 5

Hamburg- Day off! I genuinely can't remember what time i woke up, but i remember waking up and freaking out because there was no-one on the bus, so i just went back to bed!! hahaha. So lazy!! Eventually i bumped into some of the dudes and we hit up KFC, it was a reminder of why i hate fast food, ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!! I only ate half of it and threw the rest away. Spent most of the day on the bus sitting around moaning because of how bored i was, so then a few of us headed over to the venue our boys in Set Your Goals were playing. I have a lot of love for those guys, so it was really sweet to see them. Matt, Dan and I then sat in a bar next to the venue for a few hours talking about life; very intense! hahaha! Met up with some friends of ours and then went into the show. First up we watched a band i've liked for a while called FIREWORKS, my mate Vibe showed me these guys and i really like them! Made me feel like a 15 year old watching them again; they're what pop punk is all about. Amazing!

Broadway Calls were next up; they're good friends of Max's and were awesome; really liked them as guys and as a band! Then our boys in Set Your Goals came on and a few of us got a little excited...Max was crowd surfing; Dan and i were pitting! it was nuts! I did 'Our Ethos A Legacy To Pass On' with them on stage and Hayley did 'The Few That Remain'; it was awesome. Was one of the fun-nest shows i had been to as a punter for absolutely years, such a hangout vibe.

A few of the guys from Paramore, Now Now Every Children and obviously YMA6 then hit up a Burger King....don't ask! Then the antics began...we were literally having a quiet sing song at like 12 with a few acoustics and our bus driver turned off all the power on the bus, complaining that we'd woken him up. He then continued to threaten to drive the bus back to England and leave us stranded in Hamburg as a punishment....Bobby put him straight. We literally hung out a bit longer and then all ended up passing out. Awesome.  Big props to Olly for hooking up some pics for the blog today; check his deal out at

Much love

Josh x