Wednesday, 30 December 2009


I wanted to draw a line under 2009 and with a blog.

Hope you guys like it!

I wanted to post what 2009 brought my way and what i learnt, and in turn, i am interested to see what you guys all experienced and what you learnt from those experiences.

In the past year i've toured all over the place, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, America, Canada and of course the UK & Ireland.

We played some of the biggest festivals of our lives, Rock am Ring, Rock im Park, T in the Park, Oxygen Festival, Download Festival and of course Reading & Leeds fest!

We did multiple headline tours of the UK and Europe. Took part in a childhood dream when we embarked on the Vans Warped Tour in the summer, we then carried ourselves around America and Canada for two months on the Alternative Press tour, had a week off, and then travelled round mainland Europe and the UK hitting up arenas where ever we went with Paramore.

We were nominated for multiple awards including Best British Band at the Kerrang Awards. We signed to a new label, got new management, surrounded ourselves with a whole new team all in aid of making the most of the upcoming year.

It's safe to say i've had an amazing time.

I've learnt a lot, that despite all the wannabe 'rock stars', hanger on's and general arseholes i've met in the last 12 months, thanks to what i do, i've met some seriously amazing people who still do what we do for one reason and one reason only, for the love of music.

Definitely restored my love for music, so thank you to 'the good ones', you know who you are!

What can i expect in 2010? I am lucky enough to be part of a band who are going to tour Australia, Japan, all over Europe ( again ), do the whole of the Warped tour and hopefully hit up some more festival appearances all over.

So when i look at the new year, and when i look back at the year i've had, i thank god, whoever and whatever it may be, there must be something out there giving me and my friends a hand, right? 

Sure i could list all the band shit thats happened this year too...but what's the point? Whatever bad things have happened, have happened. They are done, i can't alter the fact they have happened, just have to accept they have, and hope I can make things better and prevent similar stuff happening again!

New years resolutions? Sure i've got some...

- Listen more. Countless arguments i ve been involved could have been prevented with a bit of patience and a whole lot less of me speaking. I am not always right, so i should bare that in mind, from now on.

- Fuck the haters. I spend more time reading and responding to negative people online, or in person, rather than show time and love towards you guys, the people support our band, or even my own family, and friends. So that ends now, you don't like our band, that's cool. I am only interested people that do, and that do care. 

- For our band to better 2009....always gotta aim high or you'll hit low.

- and read more...yeah right!

Below are some pictures of my year, twitter at me your new years resolutions on New Years Day! - Josh