Sunday, 6 December 2009

Day 6, 7 & 8

Hamburg show day. Very little to report to be honest until the show itself. We got confirmed for some Soundwave side shows which we are STOKED about and then the rest of the day was focused on the show. We've never really done that well in Germany so we're excited to be here on a big tour; perhaps things can change....keep dreaming JOSH!!

First song in and the P.A. blows up. We're on in-ears so we didn't know so we keep playing like mugs, i eventually figure it out and we have to leave the stage...15 minutes later and we're back on and the crowd were so amazing about it all; we just had a laugh about it!

I then went back to the bus and watched THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, oh Elisha Cuthbert, my love for you is undying!!

Not much to report from the show in Berlin besides ANOTHER power cut which equals ANOTHER upset Yoshy!! I wasn't a happy bunny, but it couldn't be helped. We managed to fix the problem super quick this time though! sweet! 
Jeremy then gave me the back catalogue of Eminem; i was pretty chuffed with that! I got a massage from DR. DOT, she was amazing, although she informed me that i have a lot of problems with my back...thanks love....oh and that my pelvis is unaligned....i look forward to a phone call from my Mum when she reads this!!
I then watched WHITE CHICKS on the bus.....ah man, that film blows my mind.

We had a day off in Cologne today....woke up late....went to a German xmas market and saw a lama which pranged out when i tried to make love to it!! I then went to see my friends in Set Your Goals, Fireworks and Broadway Calls. Enough said!

Oh and i just watched TAKEN; what an amazing movie!!

Josh xx