Tuesday, 12 April 2011


First of all, this shits funny...

This week was really eventful.

A bunch of friends passed through town.

On monday night we went and saw Steel Panther at their residency at the House Of Blues, they are by far the most entertaining and funny band on this planet...see for yourself....

On Wednesday our boys in BMTH and ADTR were in town, we checked out the show at the Palladium and it was a good vibbbeeee. Below is a video of Oli from BMTH coming into the studio and lending us his vocal help.

Check out this video below of me performing with Bmth during their set @ the Palladium

And other than this we've been locked up in the studio.

Oh wait, i am lying i went and saw this...

YOUR HIGNESS staring Natalie Portmans behind..

What a vibe.

Until next time, stay classy