Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Warped football tournament

6th July, Indianapolis

Not much i can say about this except for, well done, well done Parkway Drive for absolutely ruining us. You smashed us apart into smithereens, and we're all still pretty shaken by it. Even if we did then beat you a few hours later, you won the game that mattered.

I watched BMTH beat the Bouncing souls as well and then all the games were done. I met our first ever fans from Brazil, which I assure you was very surreal. I never imagined our music would ever reach places that far away from home. I was really looking forward to hitting up Cleveland as I love that place, and with good reason too...

8th July Cleveland

So i woke up, and the subject of where and to which team Lebron James was going to play for was all the rage across ESPN and all that shit. Lebron James is basically the new Michael Jordan in terms of basketball; the Cleveland Cavaliers franchise was pretty much built around his name so in turn he was adored by the fans of the Cavaliers because he was so much more than just a prolific player for them, he was an icon for the city which is what made his choice such a big deal.

The great thing about the location for the Cleveland show, was that we could walk into the city center from where we were so after we played, a handful of us headed into the town to do a bit of shopping. Dan bought a Cleveland Bball jersey...more on that to come, and then we all for some food and bowling. For no reason whatsoever, we all bowled so badly, it was pretty pathetic to be honest, except for Matt Barnes, who actually scored over 50 for the first time ever...if only he'd done that in the tournament. Headed back for press, did that, watched Parkway Drive smash shit up, sung with BMTH and then made my way back into town for a burrito.

Little did we know, Lebron James had already announced he was leaving Cleveland to play for the Miami Heat. Dan just so happened to be sporting his newly purchased Cleveland jersey, which had James's name on the back. Bad move. It was safe to say people wanted LJ's blood, I mean, they were really pissed off, and seeing a dude wearing a top with LJ's name on the back only pissed them off even more. Dan had people heckling out of their car windows and people swearing as we walked past them in the street. It was getting a little too biblical for our liking, so we peaced out.

9th and 10th of July Toronto and Montreal, Canada.

I do love Canada, but hate passing through the Canadian border, it's just a straight up ball ache.

I was really excited to play Toronto, because the last time we played it on the AP tour, it was one of the best shows of the tour. Toronto didn't disappoint, not one little bit. Our queue for our signing was stupidly long, we were signing at our merch for an hour and a half, it was a lot of fun because AAR were our soundtrack, and that Tyson fella is hilarious with his on stage banter.

Oh Montreal, you French speaking Canadians you! With your over sized site which meant it was a 2 mile walk to and from our stage, thanks for that. The show was cool, but that walk was mental! I watched SYG smash it and then during our set, un-announced, but yet welcomed, Jordan ran on stage and sang the ending to the Consequence. I love that guy.

Later me and some of my friends such as Chris V ( WTK MERCH), Travis and Dannt ( WTK) Max and our buddy Henri went to the biggest casino i've ever seen...in Canada. Everyone was gambling and celebrating/cursing in French, weird experience. I had a good night, but didn't leave any richer...

11th July,

Hartford, CT

East Coast, east coast, east coast! I love playing shows on the EC of America! We seem to get pretty decent crowds, and people are really stoked on the band. This was the case for Harford! Our friend John from Glamour Kills came out to the show and brought us some swag and then took some of the guys to get some drinks! Thanks John. I 'm pretty sure the World Cup final took place on this day, am I right? Well I managed to catch the game when it went to extra time and I wasn't sure who I wanted to win. I am, however, glad that Spain won, congratulations to you Spaniards! This night was also the night that some of my best friends celebrated their birthdays! Tom Sykes and Oliver Mcpherson! Check the picture above to see some of the madness. Way too much alcohol was involved. Late bus calls are a bad idea.

12th July

Day off - Six Flags

Here's a break down for ya

- Free rides

- Water Theme park

- Dominos pizza

- Twilight ( funniest movie i've ever seen)

13th July Boston

Home town of Four Year Strong. Needless to say their set was crazy. According to our sound engineer, Booley, it was so insane that the crowd moved the barrier with sheer force! Our Boston show was probably the best show we've ever played in America, period. I can't really say much else about it, thank you, thank you and thank you.