Monday, 5 July 2010


26th June

Mountain View California, not much to report from this show was once again above and beyond what we were expecting, so we can't ask for much more than that.

MV played host to the first of many Warped Parties. Some band called Breathe Carolina hosted a party with loads of dub step music, so we just lost our shit. I'm almost certain everyone on the tour woke up the next day with a raging hang over!

27th June

England vs Germany. I got up especially at 7am, i'd had about 4 hours sleep but i still awoke with a whole bunch of optimism. Don't know why i bothered. I'm not going to waste too much of my time typing about how badly we played, or how pissed i am that ze Germans destroyed us but i will say this, if Fat Franks goal had stood, which btw it should've, then it would've been a completely different game.

So i thought, 'ahh England have lost, fingers crossed for a good set time'.

We opened our stage at 11:20 or something. Needless to say i wasn't in the right place for it, but we still had a blast and the people that did get into to see us seemed to have fun! Good times were had. I watched Four Year Strong for the first time on this tour, forgot how good that band are.

Night two of the infamous WT parties/bbq's. As i type this i am trying to piece together the nights events. I remember Flint town and I taming some yanks at Beer Pong, mostly the SYG dudes, and i remember drinking margaritas with Max and few of the boys in Shikari, who by the way, are fucking dudes, nice to have some other Brits along side us and BMTH on this tour. I vaguely remember Matt Nicholls doing something he shouldn't have with a fork lift, but i also remember encouraging it, so nuff' said really!

28th June

Day off in Phoenix.

I seriously sat in our hotel room all day online. I used the gym for like an hour, and then went back to doing nothing. Oh wait, i got In n Out.

We then went to a charity bowling event in the evening. There were about 20 or so bands from the tour doing it, so a bunch of our friends were there. The idea behind the event was for the bands to be auctioned off on ebay and for the fans to be bid to bowl with them. Our guy was a dude called Darwin ( i called him D-money) and he paid $340 to charity to bowl with us, what a legend! Needless to say we were confident that we were going to do well, but we didn't. Dan, Chris and myself bowled immaculately and a few others didn't do so well....ahaha. We got knocked out in the first round but continued to carry on bowling just for shits and giggles anyway.

On the way back to the bus i got IN n OUT. Good decision.

29th June

Show day in Phoenix, Arizona.

When i first saw the routing for WT, i didn't see that we were playing the sun. The heat in Phoenix was so oppressive, it literally sucked the life out of you, it was horrible. We played last on our stage at like 7:50, and i want to say a massive thank you to everyone that stuck around and watched us play, i know it was a long hot day, and we really do appreciate you guys sticking around for us.

All to report was that i played a ton of fifa and watched a whole load of Tru Tv!

30th June

Las Cruces, New Mexico

It was kinda hot in New Mexico, but not as bad as Phoenix. I liked the layout of the site way more as well because everything was a lot closer. Met the guys from Parkway Drive for the first time, nice dudes, if you haven't seen their dvd yet, you should, makes a lot of touring bands these dudes look like the biggest bunch of babies ever, us included. Those guys have flown over from Australia and turned up in countries all over the world, not knowing if they even had shows to play or places to stay. I guess if the Warped Tour is all about punk rock ethics, then Parkway Drive embody that sentiment all year round, not just on this tour.

After our set Joe SYG, Jake Mayday and i went for a run. I only managed like 1.6 miles, but then i noticed there was a massive football match going on, so i ran over and joined in. Our boys were playing, some of the BMTH boys and just a bunch of friends. It was a good time, we literally played until it was too dark to do so! Best day on the tour thus far in regards to hanging out.